Come on, Skinny Love

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[thou wast all that to me, love,]
i have these memories and i have what i saved--
[for which my soul did pine--]
this castle and these memories--
[a fountain and a shrine,]
and it was mine
[a green isle in the sea, love,]
but it was ours
[all wreathed with fairy fruits and flowers,]
dead eyes looked the other way
and gods bound by rules
oblivious to time and heart
this sand has turned to snow
and spring will never come again

[and all the flowers were mine.]

If there weren’t still things on here I needed, I’d delete this entire thing. What a pity.

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the problem with getting up earlier in the day is that i eventually become overtired and then get Really Active. and i have a slight feeling ‘really active’ annoys a certain few people because then i ramble about things i probably should not ramble about. woopsie. 

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it turns out i never had to go there today to begin with.

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alright but in all seriousness i spent a lot of energy just being here and spazzing out like i did so time to quietly go back into hiding for a little while, adieu friends 

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TAG ME IN IT YOU DORK OR just like text if your phone will let you and i will be there like aph god

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lmao man that is all.  v shitty.  i wish i knew what to say;;  i’m really proud of you though for all that !  also i like your grandma.

… did someone mention frarom


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Skype, maybe?

I haven’t used it much but I could set up a new account. Or fan-mail because the asks sometimes don’t send or don’t give me notifications. I simply haven’t feel very energetic lately. For months; but I am not sick. I’m sorry.

I’m glad I could help. I am also happy to see you, I was worried.

skype i can do! i can send you over my username in a pm if that’s okie-dokie with you. c: but don’t worry dear, take things at your own pace, it’s okay. because i could say the same about you! you worry me when you disappear like that. umu

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ooooh omfg that makes a lot more sense.  and it makes me feel better.  and yeah your mom sounds really horrible;; it’s good that you’ll be getting away from her?? at least that’s what it sounds like.

yes yes definitely.  and i think in order for you to become less vague the only solution would literally be saying everything outright.

aaah that’s good!  i was going to ask how the diet was working out, i’m glad that you’ve found a way to make it work.  

should i ask about the interview or

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i’m not online rn but i can be if you can get it?? like idk how well it’ll work but

and ahh that’s good, you kept saying things that are setting off alarms in my head i’m just like !!! more and more throughout all your posts and it’s kind of a little fucking terrifying you know

bc i only know what you tell me and you have this horrible habit of being vague.  what the fuck emmit why do you do this to me.  [wraps tightly]

nah i’m not on either right now hahah :’D;; i’ve been a little scarce all over, to be honest. 

ahh i promise i’m not going to do anything stupid, all i mean is move, nothing more;; don’t worry! the rest is just me grumbling about how i’m not going to let her take advantage of me or push me around anymore. she, uh. at least learned to keep her hands to herself over the past year but whenever she’s mad is when i get worried, is all. she’s a loose canon.

i’m sorry man umu i apparently do not have the ability to be not-vague even when i try, and i was definitely not trying to be vague in that post by any means.;; once the signal clears up with the mobiles things should be a little easier, yes?

oh yes, i also meant to mention that the health problems aren’t as severe as before, i’ve been able to eat for the most part again, it’s just back to its usual every day kind of nausea and nothing more. so i’m not like. slowly dying anymore. promise. 

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